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Congratulations to Senior Ranger – Steve Hinton

1st Mar 2018

Steve has recently gained a very well-deserved promotion to the post of Head of Ranger Services in Birmingham when he will be based in Kings Heath Park.  
Steve was appointed Senior Ranger on the Lickeys and for the Northfield Constituency many years ago.  Although based on the Lickeys, Steve and his team are responsible for the management of around sixty parks and open spaces in the south west of the city. He has been a hard-working and dedicated Ranger who has devoted himself to the care of the Country Park and its many visitors.  Steve’s extensive knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the natural world never cease to amaze.  This has been demonstrated over many years since the arrival of Phytophthora ramorum in the Country Park.  Many difficult decisions have had to be made and Steve has worked hard to minimise the impact of the disease by being resourceful and inventive as he has worked alongside a variety of organisations.
It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have worked with Steve over so many years.  He has given his time freely in support of the Society and he has always been positive and encouraging in all the work that we do.  There are many examples of this but the help given by Steve in the production of the ‘Exploring the Lickeys – Great Walks Book’ is a classic example.  He was always on hand to provide advice and he produced all the maps contained within the book.  Steve has also allowed the Society to use the Visitor Centre for a wide range of events, for which we are very grateful.
Steve has always given far more than is required of him, a good example being the excellent and detailed presentations that has given at the Society’s AGM for many years.
Steve will obviously be a very difficult act to follow and we give him great thanks for all of his work both on the Lickeys and in the local area.  Currently
he is attempting to do both jobs and this is likely to continue until a new Senior Ranger is appointed.  It goes without saying Steve, you will be greatly missed by everyone that you have worked with but we wish you every success in your new post which we trust you will find enjoyable and rewarding.

Car Parking Charges to be introduced in the Country Park

28th Feb 2018

You may have read in the local free press that charges for parking in the Country Park are likely to be introduced at some point in the future.  Charges would apply to the car parks on Beacon Hill, in Warren Lane and at the golf club off Rose Hill.  The monies raised will create a revenue stream for the Parks Dept.
Before charging is introduced, there will be a period of public consultation and there will also need to be work done to improve the surface of the car parks.  At the present time, parking charges are still to be determined as is the need for possible yellow lining on roads such as Warren Lane.

Lickey Hills Care Home To Close

9th Jan 2018

Lickey Hills Care Home in Warren Lane is in the process of being closed and the site owners have applied to Bromsgrove District Council for the removal of Condition 2 from the planning application documentation.  This would mean that the use of the site could change but at the moment, there is little formal evidence as to what the new use might be.  The Society has expressed its concerns over a change of use and will continue to monitor the situation closely.

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